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New Jersey Buttock Lift

Find board certified plastic surgeons in New Jersey that specialize in buttock lift

About Buttock Lifts and Saddle Lifts

The buttock lift, often called a saddle lift, lifts the buttocks upward and inward. The incision is placed near the midline, at which point some skin tissue is removed and the skin is drawn together, lifting the medial thigh, as well as the buttocks crease.

A buttock lift procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient surgery. It is best suited for those patients who have excess skin around their posterior and medial thighs. Saddle lifts are often done in conjunction with liposuction, in which case some significant improvements are possible. It is important to understand that a buttock lift is not a weight reduction procedure, but one to tighten the saddlebag and posterior area.

Finding the right New Jersey-area Plastic Surgeon to perform your Buttock Lift

Finding the right New Jersey plastic surgeon to perform your buttock lift and/or consult with you on a saddle lift can be difficult. Certified Plastic Surgeons will help you find the best New Jersey plastic surgeon for your buttock lift surgery, ready to consult you on all aspects of the procedure. In addition, Certified Plastic Surgeons is a great source of information for your self-education process. Read articles written by our plastic surgeons and helpful before-and-after pictures, as well as testimonials and personal cosmetic surgery success stories. You can learn from other people who have had buttock lifts and go to your consultation with a list of questions for the doctor ready.

You may also peruse our extensive library of plastic surgery 3-D demonstrations, including one on brow lift and forehead lift surgeries. See how the procedure works before you even schedule your consultaiton with a New Jersey-area surgeon!

Once you have educated yourself, you will want to make a free initial consultation. Choosing a New Jersey plastic surgeon with the right credentials, such as board certification, is important to achieving the look you desire. Certified Plastic Surgeons can help you schedule directly with brow lift surgeons in New Jersey. Every one of our New Jersey plastic surgeons is board-certified. Review each doctor's before-and-after pictures on our site so you have a feel for the surgeon's style before you even meet.