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Rapid City Brow Lift

Find board certified plastic surgeons in Rapid City that specialize in brow lift

About Brow Lifts

Deep forehead wrinkling, and horizontal and vertical frown lines are common, but these problems can often be corrected through a brow lift or forehead lift. One of the biggest benefits of a forehead lift is that the surgeon can address the underlying tissue and muscles along with the skin. This creates a more natural, lasting result. Also, by altering some of the underlying muscles, the surgery can actually prevent many frown and worry lines from returning.

Every forehead lift includes a brow lift. Sagging, drooping eyebrows appear as heaviness around the eyes. People with even the most moderate amount of drooping are sometimes described as looking sad, tired and unhappy. When the brow is lifted, the tired, sad look can disappear completely, brightening the entire face.

If you think you're ready for a brow lift or forehead lift, it's worth talking to a Rapid City-area Plastic Surgeon about your options.

Finding the right Rapid City-area Plastic Surgeon to perform your Brow Lift

Finding the right Rapid City plastic surgeon to perform your brow lift and/or consult with you on a forehead lift can be difficult. Certified Plastic Surgeons can help you find the best Rapid City plastic surgeon for your brow lift procedure, ready to consult you on all aspects of the surgery. In addition, Certified Plastic Surgeons is a great place for you to start your self-education process. Read articles written by our plastic surgeons and helpful before-and-after pictures, as well as testimonials and personal cosmetic surgery success stories. You can learn from other people who have had brow lifts and go into your consultation armed with questions and knowledge.

You may also look through our extensive library of plastic surgery 3-D demonstrations, including one on brow lift and forehead lift surgeries. See how the proceduresworks before you even schedule your consultaiton with a Rapid City-area surgeon!

Once you have educated yourself, you'll want to make a free initial consultation. Choosing a Rapid City plastic surgeon with the right credentials (i.e. board certification) is important to achieving the look you desire. Certified Plastic Surgeons can help you schedule directly with brow lift surgeons in Rapid City. Every one of our doctors in Rapid City is board-certified and you can review before-and-after pictures on our site so you have a feel for the doctor's style before you even meet.