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Milwaukee Breast Reduction

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About Breast Reduction

When breasts develop to a volume of more than a liter, they become an encumbrance for which partial amputation is the only treatment.

Although the ratio of breast size to body weight is usually consistent, there are conditions of progressive breast hypertrophy, even in patients who are not generally obese, the causes of which are not known.

This results in uncomfortable, large breasts of a combined weight too great to carry, causing back pain, exhaustion and embarrassment. Breast reduction can be performed in such a way that a reasonably sized and shaped breast can be achieved. Nipple sensation and lactation remain intact, usually, though in rare cases involving breasts with a super-sternal notch to nipple distance greater than 40 centimeters and measuring liters in volume, may require nipple removal and replacement as a skin graft, in which case sensation and lactation are not likely.

Finding the right Milwaukee-area Plastic Surgeon to perform your Breast Reduction

Finding the right Milwaukee plastic surgeon can be difficult. Certified Plastic Surgeons helps you find the best Milwaukee plastic surgeons, ready to consult you on breast reduction surgery. Certified Plastic Surgeons is also a great place for you to start your self-education process. Read our articles written by plastic surgeons and helpful before-and-after pictures, as well as testimonials and personal cosmetic surgery success stories. You can learn from other women who have had breast reduction surgery and go into your consultation armed with questions and knowledge.

You will also see that we have an extensive library of plastic surgery 3-D demonstrations, including one on breast reduction surgery. See how the surgery works before you even schedule your consultaiton with a Milwaukee-area surgeon!

Once you've educated yourself, you'll want to make that first appointment. Choosing a Milwaukee plastic surgeon with the right credentials (i.e. board certification) is critical to achieving the look you desire. Certified Plastic Surgeons can help you schedule directly with plastic surgeons in Milwaukee. Every one of our doctors in Milwaukee is board certified and you can review before-and-after pictures right here so you have a feel for the doctor's style before you even meet.